It’s my pleasure and joy to welcome you to Sheema Municipality, a young, vibrant and industrious Local Government, whose resolve is to be the center of best performance and best practices that are institutions can benchmark from.

At Sheema Municipality, we are confident and committed to seeing a people engaged and actively participating in a wide range of Government program that do not only empower the Youth, Women but also the elderly in trying to harness all aspects of our potential in development.

We are thankful to the Government of Uganda together with our other development partners for the job well done in ensuring that services get closer to the populace. Visit Sheema Municipality and taste the positive impact of decentralization.

Am delighted that Sheema Municipality has in a short span taken strides that will sooner than later since total transformation of our people toward achieving a  middle income status.

Our resolve is to continue working hard, ensuring that all our sectors remain afloat and vibrant as we also provide an enabling environment for industries and other investments.

We shall strive to keep our people united for a purpose, we shall continue to tap into our resource base to ensure that the foundation of this Municipality, through its physical development plan starts firm and remains relevant for the generations to come.

Together, let's keep the momentum!!


Abel Kahara.

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